Mindful retirement roadmap:
free 5-day Email Workshop

Are you so busy that retirement feels like an uncertain abyss before you?

Ever get so wrapped up in your job and the daily grind that you start forgetting who you really are?

Life can be a whirlwind, juggling work, family, endless to-do lists, distractions, and those unexpected crises that seem to pop up out of nowhere. If you're nodding along, then you're exactly who this workshop is meant for. Hey, I'm Gayla, and I've been right where you are!

This 5-day email workshop is all about rediscovering your genuine authentic self and getting clear on what is really important to you.

Once per week for 5 weeks, you will receive a bite-sized thought provoking email with a small action step. These emails are like treasure maps, guiding you to rediscover that profound, genuine part of yourself – the part that knows your true ambitions, in life and for your retirement.

So, join me as we illuminate your path to a fulfilling next chapter.

I am ready to reconnect with myself

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